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What is UniMRCP?

UniMRCP is an open source cross-platform implementation of the Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP).


What does 'Uni' stand for?

The prefix 'Uni' has been chosen for the following criteria and goals:

  • Universal implementation - to provide a universal implementation of the MRCP protocol.
  • Unified interface - to provide a unified, protocol version consistent interface for utilization.
  • United efforts - to welcome community driven initiatives and contributions.
  • Unique solution - to build a unique solution in terms of design patterns and usability.


Which version of the MRCP protocol does UniMRCP support?

UniMRCP supports both MRCPv1 and MRCPv2.


What platforms (operating systems) does UniMRCP run on?

UniMRCP has been actively developed and tested on 32 and 64 bit Windows and Linux. See Supported Platforms for more info.


What license is UniMRCP released under?

UniMRCP is released under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.


Can I use UniMRCP in a commercial product?

The Apache License 2.0 permits commercial use.


I am very new to UniMRCP. Where should I start?

Visit the Getting Started page.


I am looking for an implementation of the MRCP client. What should I use?

In brief, you should use the libunimrclient library. Check the sample unimrcpclient and umc applications, which utilize the libunimrcpclient library. Visit the Client Integration page for more details.


I am looking for an implementation of the MRCP server to integrate my ASR/TTS/SVI engine into. What should I do?

In brief, you should implement a new plugin into the UniMRCP server based on your engine. There are several plugins available in the source tree. Visit the Server Integration page for more details.


I have some ideas around the project. How can I discuss them?

Join the Discussion Group and feel free to post ideas and questions you may have.


I am encountering a problem. What should I do?

Submit a new report to the Issue Tracker. If your are not sure regarding the root cause of the issue, discuss your problem on the Discussion Group first.


How can I contribute to the project?

UniMRCP welcomes community driven initiatives. Visit the Contribution page.


Should my organization become a sponsor of UniMRCP?

If your are considering a long term use of UniMRCP, then your organization may become a sponsor, invest in the infrastructure, and benefit from the project. Visit the Sponsorship page for more information.


Should my organization become a partner of UniMRCP?

UniMRCP welcomes technology related vendors and integrators to become a partner. Visit the Partnership page for more information.


Should my organization become a member of UniMRCP?

UniMRCP membership provides access to additional resources and offer certain benefits. Visit the Membership page for more information.


Is a commercial support option available?

UniMRCP offers commercial support services. Visit the Commercial Support page for more information.


Is a custom development option available?

UniMRCP offers custom development services. Visit the Custom Development page for more information.


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