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Google Dialogflow Plugin 1.19.0 Released

This release is built against a newer version of Google APIs and a patched version of the gRPC library. The release introduces full support of regional ES (v2beta1) and CX (v3, v3beta1) agents. An extended set of features is now supported for CX agents.

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AWS Transcribe Plugin 1.3.2 Released

This is a patch release which ensures query string attributes set in the HTTP GET request are URL-encoded.

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Watson SR Plugin 1.8.0 Released

This release adds support for custom language models.

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Watson SS Plugin 1.6.1 Released

This release fixes an issue in escaping special characters in JSON data.

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AWS Transcribe Plugin 1.3.1 Released

This is a patch release which fixes an issue in processing of boolean attributes enable-partial-results-stabilization, show-speaker-label introduced in the last release.

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