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Azure SS Plugin 1.20.0 Released

This release adds support for MS TTS extension to SSML. Long voice names are replaced with corresponding short voice names in umsazurevoices.xml.

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Google Dialogflow Plugin 1.24.0 Released

This release extends support for no-input events received from Dialogflow CX agents.

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Asterisk Modules 1.10.0 Released

This release introduces support for G722 with the use of UniMRCP 1.8.0.

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UniMRCP 1.8.0 Packages Published

Binary packages for UniMRCP 1.8.0 release have been published.

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UniMRCP 1.8.0 Released

This release adds support for wide-band frame-based codecs such as G.722 and AMR-WB. Since the MPF library interface has slightly been modified, the changes may need to be reflected in user client applications and server plugins.

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