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Interop with LumenVox

posted Dec 27, 2008, 11:09 AM by Arsen Chaloyan
I would like to announce interoperability of UniMRCP client with
LumenVox ASR MRCPv1 server.

This means UniMRCP client stack can be integrated into 3-rd party
applications to provide LumenVox ASR connectivity over MRCP.

The required setup:
- UniMRCP client
The recommended revision of UniMRCP is r676 and higher. Several fixes
have been made over the latest released version 0.3.0 to ensure
interoperability with LumenVox MRCPv1 server. Surely those fixes will
be available in the next released version too.
Sample and known to work configuration of UniMRCP client can be found

- LumenVox MRCP server
LumenVox MRCP server is available for various platforms:
* Fedora Core 5 - 8
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, 5
* CentOS 4, 5 (through our Red Hat builds)
* Debian 4 (etch)
* Windows

Please refer to for further information on how to
obtain and install LumenVox MRCP server.

As soon as you get the required setup up and running, you may want to
run demo ASR scenario first. Use the following from the client

> run recog LumenVox-1

We are planning to arrange MRCPv2 interoperability tests next.